Warm & Natural Batting Queen Sz 90"x108"

$44.95 USD
100% cotton fibers go through an ultra-cleaning process, then WARM & NATURAL cotton batting is needlepunched to give your punched with hundreds of needles into a strong, thin base quilt the texture you love without glues or resins. WARM & material to prevent tearing, shifting or migration. The NATURAL; will not separate or bunch, quilts up to 10" apart, needling process holds the fibers together without glue or will not beard. Fabric naturally clings to batting and gives resins. The evenly layered fibers stay in place inside your it that antique look. Now easier to hand quilt. Ideal for quilt through generations of washings. 3% shrinkage with any craft project, gives character to soft sculpture dolls. first washing. (you can pre-wash the batting). Quilt or tie Once quilted WARM & NATURAL cotton batting can be machine up to 10" apart, will not beard. Queen size - 90" x 108". washed again and agian without fear of separation or bunching.