Robin - Magnetic Needle Minder

$9.95 USD
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Ever lost a needle (or two) when you've left your stitching just to quickly make a cuppa? Well you may find one of these really handy.

Each needle minder is made from birch plywood and is available in several different designs - dove, fox, heart, hedgehog, robin, squirrel or star.

The magnets are neodymium and although they may be small they are very strong. Keep away from little hands, pets, electronics (this includes sensitive medical devices such as pacemakers) anything a magnet can wreak havoc on.
Due to their size they also present as a choking hazard and best kept away from children.

The animal shape sits on the front of your work, whilst the other magnet on the round plywood shape sticks to the reverse side. You just need to pop your needle on top of the animal and there you have it - a safe home for your needle when not in use.

The robin is roughly 37 x 52mm in size.