Fleur Noir Black & White Patchwork (Black Back) Minky Blanket

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A modern black and cream patchwork quilt top printed on soft, velvety minky paired with a super luxurious cream backing is a staple for any modern farmhouse inspired home. A comfortable, all-season blanket that is sure to be your family’s new favorite! Note: This Fleur Noir Black & White Patchwork has a black backing.

This Dreamy Blanket measures approximately 60"x72" and is made with 100% minky polyester.         

Dreamy Blankets recommends washing them on the gentle cycle using cold water, and we prefer to line or air dry Dreamy Blankets as much as possible, though using a dryer on low heat also works! Please do not use fabric softener on your Dreamy Blanket. This could harm the material.