Template set - storm at sea

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Please Note: This template set is used with pieces in other sets. It includes only 2 pieces, each marked to cut 3 sizes of the diamond-and-triangle rectangle unit. 

This is the diamond and triangle set that many quilters have asked us for. This set fits with the squares and triangles in Sets A and B to make the Storm at Sea block. Sets A and B have been in production since 1995 and we're excited to have this companion set in the line because now we can use it to make Storm at Sea blocks, too! :)

Cut the diamonds and triangles needed for the rectangular units in Storm at Sea blocks in three sizes. See sizes above. The same diamond-and-triangle unit is used in many other block designs, too. Instructions include how to cut the pieces and make the diamond-and-triangle units, along with guidelines for Storm at Sea bed size quilts. The instructions do not include yardage for specific size quilts. (Good general instructions on how to figure yardage are included in "More Bang for the Buck"; the same method is used for any quilt design.) You will also need pieces in Set A for a 12" finished block; or Set B for a 9" finished block; or Sets B and D for a 6" finished block.

Note: The Storm at Sea diamond set angle is 53.5 degrees. The points match up with the Square Within-a-Square pieces in Sets A, B and D to make 3 different size Storm at Sea units.